2020 Milestone

In March 2015, Side by Side celebrated 15 years of providing support and vocational services to adults with a brain injury-related disability. With this milestone, Side by Side launched a major strategic initiative, SIDE BY SIDE 2020: Building for the Future of Traumatic Brain Injury Support in Georgia. The initiative is designed to serve more members, expand the infrastructure, and advance Side by Side’s advocacy for home and community-based services for persons who sustain brain injury.

Funding Goal

Side by Side is currently seeking funding to help meet these strategic initiative goals. Side by Side’s 5-year strategic plan provides the resources and physical infrastructure necessary to expand its programs and advance its leadership role. The SIDE BY SIDE 2020 campaign goal is $2.9 million. This goal ensures financial sustainability during Side by Side’s expansion and implements operational and physical infrastructure needed to continue the organization’s high level of performance.

Campaign Initiatives

The SIDE BY SIDE 2020 initiative is designed to:

  • ESTABLISH the Side by Side model as a validated clinical approach to supporting people with brain injury-related disabilities.
  • ENHANCE Atlanta’s reputation as an innovator in the disability community.
  • EXPAND Side by Side’s programs, infrastructure, and resources to serve our community’s growing needs

Thanks to Lloyd Bell of Bell Law Firm for making a Lead Campaign Git

Lloyd on why he supports Side by Side

“My day-to-day consists of helping my clients through the emotional and economic devastation that results from medical malpractice,” said Lloyd Bell, Founder of Bell Law Firm. “Many of my clients have suffered brain injury that dramatically alters the course of their lives. Side by Side is an incredible resource that plays a vital role to the brain injury community by providing people with brain injuries long-term services and support — and answering the question of what’s next.” Bell continued, “We need the support of Atlanta’s legal community to help Side by Side reach its goal before the grant deadline. The legal community has been a huge part of Side by Side’s success to this point, but the job is not done. I will be calling on my colleagues to continue to support Side by Side and help us reach our goals in this campaign.”