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Success Stories


Driving home from his college graduation with a degree in finance, Frank and his family were in a car wreck when a tire came apart. Two decades later, he lives with his parents who care for him 24 hours a day except for the two days a week that he spends at Side by Side. Making…

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I heard of Side by Side when I was still living in Boston after my injury occurred at the age of 16. I am at Side by Side because I want a growing process with new things to do and learn. We could all be sad and think about the bad things in the past…

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Charles joined Side by Side seven years ago after a circle of support and a special Medicaid program helped him move from a nursing home to a real home with a real family in a real community. He is our dedicated salad chef and rotating dominoes champ.

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As a teenager, Angie was injured on Christmas Day in a car accident that claimed the life of her boyfriend. She is known at the Clubhouse for her happy spirit, persistence and ability to get anywhere she wants to go and do anything she wants to do. Angie creates fantastic, sometimes impossible, lunch menus and…

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Marcus’s humor and dance skills are lunchtime entertainment at the Clubhouse. He remembers well a successful career as an electronics specialist in the Navy, but since a car accident in 2001 left him in a coma for more than a month, he has trouble remembering small things, like to take big steps and how to get…

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Deprived of oxygen for a time as a result of a 1980 motor vehicle accident, Debbie was also paralyzed on her right side. She has worked hard in therapy and has come a long way back. Debbie is now able to work a part time job and has found the time to publish a book…

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Like so many people with brain injuries, Richie can no longer drive and needs a way to socialize. Using rapid transit he works part time and attends the Clubhouse on his day off. Even though he can no longer pursue his career as a drummer, his life is fully lived.

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What I Get from Side by Side; by Bil

A group of a few dozen people stand and kneel as they smile and wave.

I have found that Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse has made me aware that I am not the only person who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury. I REALLY appreciate the opportunity to participate in something more constructive than sulking by myself being depressed about my present predicament.

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