#Covid-19 is tough for everyone. We want to highlight all the amazing caregivers out there! Brainline.org is a great resource and they have a wonderful blog post by a family caregiver.

“What an awful, scary, and painful time it has been. I’ve wondered what (if anything) I should share. Some things seem so small now, and others so big. In fact, some things feel enormous. And heavy.

Here’s what I want to say to you … caregivers and survivors …I hope you take in the words that resonate with you, and feel free to release those that don’t. In this time of uncertainty it is important to tap into things that have previously helped you, and remind yourself of the goodness within you and around you.

There are some ideas I like to practice in my daily routine. Maybe you will find them helpful.”

Click on this link to read the rest: https://www.brainline.org/blog/permission-tell-truth/heart-lifters-light-bearers-and-hope-givers#comment-51589

Image of family
Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels