Thanks to our volunteers, players, sponsors, members, and staff, we were able to raise over $45,000 (after expenses) toward the Side by Side Scholarship Fund. That means more than 300 days a person with brain injury can work on their personal goals for recovery, regardless of their ability to pay. We appreciate the community’s support of Side by Side – the only program in Georgia to offer a pathway to self-sufficiency through a partnership approach.

If you didn’t get a chance, take a look the pictures on our Facebook album!

Not sure what 300 days at Side by Side means? Here’s a glimpse at part of a morning with Greg…

Greg, a member of the Kitchen Unit, gave us permission to share this clip of him preparing the salad toppings – and a bit of his story. An accident left him without the use of one arm but he didn’t let that stop him from jumping in to help out around the Clubhouse. We even got him an adaptive knife to make it easier to cut the salad toppings. He originally worked in the Business Unit when a former staff member asked him to come help her in the Kitchen. It was a great fit for the former Chicago butcher.