Lloyd Bell of Bell Law Firm, Georgia’s preeminent law firm for victims of medical malpractice, announced his commitment to the Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse’s 2020 Campaign with a lead $20,000 gift in the campaign. Atlanta-based Side by Side is the only non-profit in the Southeast dedicated solely to rebuilding lives after brain injury. The $3 million campaign will allow Side by Side to increase the number of people served by the organization. Side by Side works in partnership with rehabilitation hospitals and trauma centers around the country, providing a therapeutic environment for people with brain injuries to be productive and to contribute to their community.

“My day-to-day consists of helping my clients through the emotional and economic devastation that results from medical malpractice,” said Lloyd Bell, Founder of Bell Law Firm. “Many of my clients have suffered brain injury that dramatically alters the course of their lives. Side by Side is an incredible resource that plays a vital role to the brain injury community by providing people with brain injuries long-term services and support — and answering the question of what’s next.” Bell continued, “We need the support of Atlanta’s legal community to help Side by Side reach its goal before the challenge grant deadline. The legal community has been a huge part of Side by Side’s success to this point, but the job is not done. I will be calling on my colleagues to continue to support Side by Side and help us reach our goals in this campaign.”

Side by Side works in partnership with the Shepherd Center and other trauma centers to help provide support and assistance for people who suffer traumatic brain injuries after hospital-based care has ended. Supported by Atlanta’s legal community since 2000, Side by Side relies on contributions to provide continuous support that no other organization in the Atlanta area or surrounding states offers — support that enables people with brain injury to relearn life skills , to work, and to socialize, while helping their families navigate a lifelong journey of balancing care-giving with self-care.

Lloyd’s involvement is a full-circle moment since he helped lead the very first capital campaign that helped us build our original facility eleven years ago. We are confident Lloyd’s ongoing support and ties to the Atlanta legal community will enable us to reach our goal.”

All contributions to the Side by Side 2020 campaign will go toward direct program support and long-term capital needs. Join the legal community in this effort by contacting Cindi Johnson at 770-469-9355 or [email protected].

About Bell Law Firm

Bell Law Firm is Georgia’s preeminent firm for victims of medical malpractice. Founded in 1999 by Lloyd Bell, the firm has recovered more than $100 million for patients and families of people injured or killed due to medical negligence. Bell has more than 25 years of experience in federal and state courts, and he has represented clients in more than 75 jury trials and hundreds of successful settlements. Specializing in litigating misdiagnoses, wrong site surgeries, surgical errors and other types of malpractice, Bell Law firm differentiates itself with deep legal expertise, a mastery of technology in the courtroom and a compelling manner of storytelling. In 2018, the firm was recognized as Personal Injury Litigation Team of the Year by The Daily Report, the leading source of legal news in Atlanta. For more information, visit BellLawFirm.com.

What is the SIDE BY SIDE 2020?

The SIDE BY SIDE 2020 initiative is designed to:

ESTABLISH the Side by Side model as a validated clinical approach to supporting people with brain injury-related disabilities.

ENHANCE Atlanta’s reputation as an innovator in the disability community.

EXPAND Side by Side’s programs, infrastructure, and resources to serve our community’s growing needs.

For more information on the SIDE BY SIDE 2020 Campaign, click here.